Robert Allen Jr

From Robert Allen Jr Website:

With his blues-man hat and sunglasses. His guitar named “Blondie” strapped over his shoulder, this is good time blues  played with a ton of soul. His band is always stocked with top shelf talent, their hip but rough around the edges look tells you a story even before they play a note.  Robert doesn’t so much play the guitar, he masters it.

Flying up and down the neck in a blur of hands, and playing solos with razor sharpness, he gives off energy that rockets from the stage. Robert’s voice is distinctive and he puts everything into his singing.

The members of his band are true professionals, hardened by years of paying they’re dues. Not even stopping between tunes they lay down one groove after another, you can’t help but appreciate the level of passion they pump into every note.

Roberts presence takes over the stage and he always leaves his audiences with a unforgettable show! So get your next party or event started with Robert Allen Jr. and you’ll be glad that you did!