Bobby Way – The Man Behind Cali’s Open Jam

This is the man! Bobby Way. He’s one of the originator’s of Cali’s Open Jam. This jam was successful because they were fair with everyone of the musicians that came to the jam, had nice lighting equipment and stage light, fair and caring of others, and resulted in the creation of many bands over the years.

Bobby was there to provide great advice to musicians. As the leader of Bobby Way and the Way Outs, a band that started in 1979, Bobby has played regularly at State Fair for over 20 years and performs at many wedding receptions.

Great players like Uncle Deano, Nils Anderson, Mike Haash, Terry Michaels, Andy Gelles, and more. Musicians showed up to play blues, oldies, rock n roll, country and other genres. New blood trickled in all the time.

Once the owners of the hotel that housed Cali’s decided to change over to a Ground Round restaurant, Cali’s was disbanded, but not the memories.

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