Great Solution!! Move Your Equipment Quickly and Easily

I don’t play out a lot, but when I do haul my guitar, amp and effect equipment to a jam, I was starting to get a little irritated by having to go back and forth from my truck to the stage with the amp, then guitar and other miscellaneous stuff I needed. Plus, I had to grab the item out of my truck, lock the truck, walk through the building to the stage, set the piece of equipment down, and then do it all over again!!!

About a year and a half ago, I purchased this handy, light-weight, Rock N Roller multicart. For the price (under $90), you will save so much time and energy and headache by placing up to 350 lbs. of equipment on this cart all at one time. Get your gear out of your vehicle and on the stage in 1, yes, 1 attempt!!

It’s expandable into a lot of different configurations depending on your needs.

Here are the advantages from the listing:

– Instantly transforms into 8 different shapes replacing 8 different cart types
– Carries huge amounts of equipment yet folds small for storage
– Featured in college engineering textbooks for outstanding design
– Lightweight, rugged and ergonomically efficient
– Designed to work with vehicles, planes and trains.
– Transform into 8 configurations 26″ to 39″ telescoping frame Foldable sides allow high stacking
– Non-skid frame bed surface Folds down to take up little storage space Caster brakes Stairclimbers

Why wait?

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