Line 6 Sonic Port Channel Audio Interface

I got one of these last year and I love it! Plug your guitar into this little baby, then output into your phone or iPad. There is also a port for headphones so you can jam without bothering others in the house. I plug this directly into a free app that downloaded onto my iPhone called Mobile POD that allows you to hear your guitar using different applied amps and pedals.

This is the official product statement: “Sonic Port™ delivers inspiring guitar tones and best-in-class audio quality on your iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®. Jam with the tones of your favorite artists, connect keyboards and speakers to create your mobile studio, or plug into your amp and play live. Every time, Sonic Port gives you pro-quality sound with GarageBand®, Line 6 Mobile POD®, Jammit® and other CoreAudio music apps.”

They just put this on sale! Why wait?

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